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Technical and Cultural Tours

Some optional technical and cultural tours will be arranged as below for the Congress participants and the registered accompanying persons. If you are interested in joining the tours, you can make reservations through the Congress registration system.

For Congress Participants:

1. Orienteering - experience the local geography, on the afternoon of 18 November 2018

The orienteering game is to provide the participants with an opportunity to experience the local geography by using a map, a compass, navigational skills and running ability. It is about 5km in distance and expected to take one hour or so. Interested participants are requested to register online in advance. The orienteering game will not take place if the number of the registered participants is not over 100 by 1 September 2018. The notification will be made at the Congress website in due time.

2. Local practices for sustainable development (08:30 - 14:45, 22 November 2018)

The technical tour participants will visit characteristic villages in Deqing such as Yucun Village and Wusi Village, and the renowned Mogan Mountain, to gain general appreciation of the local practices for sustainable societal, economic, and environmental development. At the Yucun Village, by strolling at the old photographic studios, shoe shops, small cafes and specialty restaurants along early 20th century style street, you can see how innovative cultural and ecological tourism boosts the local economy. Wusi Village, as China’s model village for green development will present you with the beautiful countryside landscape and leisure local lifestyle. The Mogan Mountain is one of the four renowned summer resorts in China with both natural beauty and historical culture.

The early 20th century style street in Yucun Village
Wusi Village at the foot of Mogan Mountain
Mogan Mountain

For Accompany Persons:

1. Mogan Valley and Erdu Town, 09:00-12:00, 20 November 2018

This tour is for registered accompanying persons only. Participants will visit the Mogan Valley and the Erdu Town to learn about the folk and farming culture in the Yangtze River Delta region of China and enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery of the typical water town. Special cultural performances such as pottery and tea making, and folk arts and crafts such as shadow play, straw weaving, barrel making, and Chinese herbal medicine sachet making will be presented.

Mogan Valley
Erdu Town

2. Yucun Village, Junanli Resort and Osman Pearl Museum, 09:00-12:00, 21 November 2018

This tour is for registered accompanying persons only. Participants will visit the Yucun Village, the Junanli Resort, and the Osman Pearl Museum, to experience the creative cultural street in early 20th century fashion of China, explore Deqing’s ecological homestays and boutique resort hotels, and learn the history and culture of pearl cultivation as well as take the opportunity to purchase some pearl jewelry and pearl cosmetics.

Yucun Village
Junanli Resort
Osman Pearl Museum

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