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Plenary Session 1: Sharing the Digital Economy

The "digital transformation" potential in the information technology sector is a major disruptor that is triggering a new digital economy and becoming more mainstreamed across major industry sectors - and geospatial information is leading the way. This Plenary Session featuring global technology and business leaders focusing on the enabling technology innovations that influence what we are now able to achieve within the geospatial data ecosystem and its life-cycle. These leaders will inform participants how disruptive technologies, the explosion of location-based services, and the applications and interfaces that enable robust and repeatable modelling and location analytics in the modern digital economy, are fundamentally altering the way geospatial information is being used and delivered; allowing us to gather and manage large volumes of both structured and unstructured data in a standardized and interoperable way from many sources - both traditional and non-traditional.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Mr. Jack Dangermond,
    • – President, Esri, United States of America
    • Presentation
  2. Mr. Nigel Clifford
    • – Mr. Nigel Clifford, Operating Executive, Marlin Operations Group, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  3. Mr. Daniel Zhang
    • – Chief Executive Officer, Alibaba Group, China
  4. Mr. William Priest
    • – Director, UK Geospatial Commission, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • Presentation
  5. Moderator:
    Mr. James Fallows
    • – Author and Journalist, The Atlantic, United States of America