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Parallel Session : Geospatial Innovation, Science and Technology

"Geospatial Innovation, Science and Technology"

This session introduces current trends in geospatial innovation, science, and technology. Trends include AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IOTs, Big Data, Analytics, Security/Privacy, and Standards, all of which will be discussed by key industry leaders. Their views and insights on the emerging technology trends and future direction of data acquisition, processing and management will inform on how to be prepared for opportunities and disruptions. This means understanding where we are headed – Mapping the Trends. The session will highlight the value of extensive Public Private Partnerships for policy-makers, technology providers and users of geospatial technologies and information.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Ms. Valrie Grant, Geotechvision
  2. Mr. Charles Brigham, ESRI
  3. Mr. Alex Yang, Bentley
  4. Mr. Lingxiao Zhu, Riegl
  5. Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Geospatial Media
  6. Moderator:
    Ms. Valrie Grant, Geotechvision