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Parallel Session : Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Societies

"Innovations in Location Intelligence for Smarter, Sustainable Cities"

This session introduces how effective geospatial infrastructure and its management contribute to building and maintaining smarter, sustainable cities. The session looks at how cities are implementing location intelligent approaches and leveraging geospatial technology to the management of scarce resources. Presentations and discussion will demonstrate how the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data have fostered new ideas for intelligent infrastructure management. How technology allows citizens to communicate with civic leaders so that infrastructure projects can be prioritized is also included. In addition, this session presents ideas on sustainability through effective infrastructure development and improves the mobility of its citizens to ease congestion and improve the livability of the city and its environs. City government is a naturally, geographically-based responsible service and today's geospatial information is creating the means for better overall governance.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Mr. Jeetendra Kumar, Pitney Bowes
  2. Mr. Song Gang, Beijing Municipal Bureau of City Administration and Law Enforcement
  3. Ms. Feng Wenli, The Government of Pingxiang City, China
  4. Mr. Dafei Yin, Mobike
  5. Moderators:
    Mr. Mohamed Salauddin, Pitney Bowes
  6. Mr. Harrison Heng, Pitney Bowes