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Parallel Session : Growing Global Geospatial Capability and Capacity

"Laws, Regulations and Policy Impacting Collection, Storage, Access and Use of Geospatial Information"

This session presents opportunities for legal and geospatial professionals to work together to balance various concerns in legal and policy frameworks. Global and regional demands for geospatial information, the widespread adoption of "open data" policies, and emerging, disruptive technologies are placing increasing pressure on existing legal and policy frameworks for geospatial information management. Session topics include: legal and policy factors which can enhance or block openness of geospatial information; emerging technologies and the impact of legal and policy frameworks on access, sharing and use of geospatial information; options for better understanding of geospatial issues in legal and policy development disciplines; and guidance on proactive steps by geospatial professionals to address legal and policy considerations that impact geospatial information management. Examples include key issues such as privacy, intrusion into commercial interests, liability and national security that must be balanced against public safety, innovation and timeliness. This session is at the forefront of geospatial information as a critical driver in the development of societies in the 21st century.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Ms. Malgorzata Drewniak, Lantmäteriet, Sweden
  2. Mr. Kevin Pomfret, Center for Spatial Law and Policy
  3. Mr. Tomas Öhrn, Lantmäteriet, Sweden
  4. Ms. Rosamond Bing, Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, Tonga
  5. Moderator:
    Mr. Simon Costello, Geoscience Australia