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Parallel Session : Measuring and Monitoring the SDGs

"Statistical-Geospatial Integration for the SDGs and the 2020 Censuses"

The session examines the benefits that are emerging from enhancing the geospatial interoperability of statistical, administrative and geospatial datasets through developments such as the Global Statistical Geospatial Framework. National, regional and international data users and producers face a range of challenges integrating statistical, administrative and geospatial datasets to generate insights and informing decision making. These developments are proving critical to enable provision of the data required for the Sustainable Development Goal process and indicators, and to inform local policy making and action to address these goals. The session will also consider the requirements for capability development in this area and the practical issues of applying the Framework and the underlying methods to significant statistical and administrative data collections, such as the 2020 Censuses.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Ms. Paloma Merodio, National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), Mexico
  2. Mr. Ian Coady, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  3. Mr. Andre Nonguierma, UNECA
  4. Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, UN ESCAP
  5. Moderator:
    Mr. Martin Brady, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia
  6. Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, Director, Statistics Division, ESCAP