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Parallel Session : Sustainable Development in Action

"Effective Visualization in Maps and Diagrams to Better Understand the SDGs"

This is a hands-on session in which participation leads to learning and understanding. Maps & diagrams are analytical tools, and are used in decision-making in governance and in operational environments for day to day developments. This session will demonstrate that although visualizing the SDG indicator data seems trivial, experience shows that during this process many decisions related to the data and visualization have to be made, which are all prone to errors. Another challenge is to deal with the defaults offered by software which already might steer your message or intent in an unwanted direction. The session starts with an inventory of the main problems and opportunities, using the gender inequality index as an example. After this initial phase, the participants design their own maps and diagrams, and critique those of their collegues. This should result in awareness on how one can recognize bad maps, create good maps and realize that 'ugly' maps might be a matter of cultural preference.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak, University of Twente, Netherlands
  2. Ass. Prof. Xia Li (Ms.), Chang'an University, China
  3. Moderators:
    Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak, University of Twente, Netherlands