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Parallel Session : Measuring and Monitoring the SDGs

"Sustainable Development Outcomes Using Geospatial Data"

This session demonstrates how geospatial data should be integrated into delivering tangible outcomes in sustainable development reporting. It will be of interest to national statistical institutes who have the responsibility for data to track progress towards the SDGs and geospatial organizations that support them. Three national use cases are offered around sustainable development indicators, natural capital accounting, and the use of data science to develop innovative new methods for SDG reporting. These approaches are jointly led by the UK Office for National Statistics, Senegal's Agence Nationale de la Statistique et de la Demographie and Ordnance Survey. The session will focus on things that have been delivered rather than the conceptual use of geography. Outcomes will be discussed as part of a panel session on what lessons have been learned and how other organizations might be able to take similar approaches to accelerate their efforts in this area.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Mr. Mamadou NIANG, ANSD, Sénégal
  2. Mr. Papa Djibril Ba, ANSD, Sénégal
  3. Ms. Clare Hadley, Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom
  4. Mr. Alistair Edwardes, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom
  5. Mr. Ian Coady, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom
  6. Mr. David Henderson, Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom
  7. Moderator:
    Mr. David Henderson, Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom