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Parallel Session : Growing Global Geospatial Capability and Capacity

"Global to National Geodetic Frameworks: Core to Building a Better World"

This session focuses on three diverse themes related to geodetic frameworks: the importance of geodesy to nations and society including key drives; the challenges of managing existing geodetic infrastructure for Member States and collaborative measures needed to sustain a modern global geodetic reference frame; and general geodetic capability development and associated challenges. The session includes a range of perspectives with experience from developed and developing countries. Insight into the role of geodesy and key applications in respective countries is shared. Various geodetic and positioning technology is presented as well as information on the Global Geodetic Reference Frame (GGRF). An understanding of why geodesy is an important building block for sustainable development, the administration and management of land and water interests, the digital economy and the future of smart societies will be more evident. Discussions on capacity development as well as challenges in the education of geodesy are offered. The session concludes with a participatory discussion that will contribute to the work of the UN-GGIM Sub-Committee on Geodesy, the UN-GGIM Asia Pacific region and the FIG.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Prof. Dr. Zuheir Altamimi, Institut Géographique National
  2. Mr. Viliami Folau, Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Tonga
  3. Mr. Mikael Lilje, Lantmäteriet, Sweden
  4. Prof. Dr. Yuanxi Yang, Xi'an Research Institute of Surveying and Mapping
  5. Moderator:
    Dr. John Dawson, Geoscience Australia, Australia