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Parallel Session : Geospatial Innovation, Science and Technology

"Global Land Cover and Intelligent Analysis of Remotely Sensed Images"

This session will be relevant both to scientists and decision makers as it examines the existing products, focusing on GlobeLand30 as a considerable example. Global High-Resolution Land Cover (GHRLC) maps, i.e. maps with resolution better than 30 m, are fundamental for a wide range of users and applications such as planning, nature and biodiversity protection, economic land use models, natural resources management, hydrological modelling, species distribution modelling, environmental assessments and for the study of global climate change. They represent a key input to monitor the indicators of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as to promote evidence-based policy-making on issues like soil consumption and deforestation. In developed countries National or Regional High Resolution Land Cover Maps are generally available; on the opposite in developing countries they are not and therefore the GHRLC maps represent, for these countries, fundamental tools. Session will present and discuss GHRLC maps, from their production, nowadays based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to their assesment (with the presentation of tools and training material recently made available within an ISPRS project) and usage.

  1. Presenters/Panellists:
    Mr. Wen-zhong Shi, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  2. Mr. Peng Shu, National Geomatics Center of China, China
  3. Ms. Serena Coetzee, University of Pretoria
  4. Ms. Maria Antonia Brovelli, Politecnico di Milano
  5. Mr. Qingquan Li, Shenzhen University
  6. Ms. Olha Danylo, IIASA
  7. Moderator:
    Ms. Maria Antonia Brovelli, Politecnico di Milano